Self-torture is inability to be happy, accepted and loved, in other words, it is a state of heaviness and anxiety in the body. 

The body itself does not like the state of torture, and it signals in many ways, usually this happens through unpleasant feelings.

There are people who are more sensitive, they feel this body communication stronger and more intense. It is a great advantage if a person knows one's body, recognizes its language, listens to it and acts accordingly. Yet, if such a sensitive person is confused about what is happening and ignores the body signals, they begin to experience it as anxiety.

Nowadays a lot of people feel anxiety and do not know what to do with it. Anxiety needs to be understood and then transformed. Anxiety includes unpleasant sensations in the body that want to be illuminated, accepted and transformed. This process takes place in a true cooperation, dance and deep love with your physical body.