Self-love is allowing yourself to be happy, accepted and loved, in other words, it is balance, ease and rest in the body.

While being in nature, observe it, take a look at flowers and see their magnificence and diversity. It's wonderful to see many beautiful flowers in the forest, in the meadow, in the garden or elsewhere. They are so different from each other and are able to coexist harmoniously at the same time. Would you agree that it would be absolutely boring to see the same type of a flower everywhere? 

So we are, all different. One person is a rose, another one is a tulip, the third one is a water lily. When a person starts to wake up, they begin to realize that in reality they are a beautiful and unique flower. Feel that every awakened person is like a flower. Getting to know yourself and discovering your uniqueness is to feel the flower from within you. Being in love with yourself is to be yourself and express yourself as this authentic flower can do!

Even though we are unique, we want to be in life and dance with other people. While a person thinks one is a cactus, they hurt themselves and others with spines. To be honest, being in a cactus condition is difficult not to hurt others. 

Want to stop hurting - stop being a cactus! Become a unique flower - discover and fall in love with yourself!